Full video of our debate: ‘Climate Change Is Real. Now What Should We Do About It?’

At long last, here’s the video of our climate debate at UGent, fully subtitled! Watch our distinguished panel of experts debate the best strategies to tackle climate change: Mark Lynas, Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, Opha Pauline Dube and Ted Nordhaus. Your host and moderator is Desiree Hoving.

Even though there is no longer any scientific debate about the reality of man-made global warming, the debate about the right remedies continues unabated. What are the best policies and strategies to bring down emissions and avert climate disaster? How should we reconcile climate action with economic development and the fight against poverty? Do policymakers still underestimate the problem? Is there still room for economic growth in rich and industrialized countries, in this age of climate change, or is the time ripe for de-growth? What will be most important for tackling climate change: technological innovations, lifestyle changes, or government policies (or all of the above)?