I have a Substack!

I’m probably the very last person on the internet to set up their own Substack, but finally, here I am!

Why now? Because I’m excited to be part of the first cohort of the Roots of Progress writing program, together with 19 other writers, intellectuals and entrepreneurs. Roots of Progress is a new nonprofit organization, founded by my fellow philosopher Jason Crawford (follow him here), which is dedicated to understanding, celebrating and (most of all) furthering human progress.

What to expect? I already have this personal website where I collect all my essays and op-eds, but that is a mix of Dutch, English and French writings. On my Substack I will only publish stuff in English.

About what exactly? In the next weeks and months, I will share the fruits of my labor for the Roots of Progress writing program. In the future I also plan to write on my other topics of interest: cultural evolution, effective altruism, evolution, science & pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, religious fundamentalism, climate policy, AI. (Yes, I’m a bit all over the place).

In the meantime, I will also share some of my earlier writings, progress-oriented and otherwise, starting with the essay below for Quillette about how climate policy has been polluted by ideology for decades, to the detriment of our climate. Stay tuned for more!